J.Crew Spring 2013 | Runway

J.Crew Spring 2013

J.Crew Spring 2013 | Runway

Tom Mora and Jenna Lyons make a pretty great pair: Mora, with his clever eye for spritely detail, and Lyons, with her crazy-cool mixing skills. The duo has managed to make the brand's presentation a must-see now for nearly every Lincoln Center attendee. Case in point: today, even Solange Knowles stopped by.

So what is it that everyone is so excited to see? Well, the clothes, for one. And the shoes, bags, and accessories for two, three, and four. With their playful colors and wearable shapes that fuse sporty prep with punchy modernity, they're quite the knockouts. This season's batch was no exception. And the way they're styled up and mixed around, well, that's always inspiring too.

But there's a secondary element to the J.Crew presentation that makes it doubly exciting, and it's this: the simple fact that after nearly a week of scrambling around from show to show, ogling and analyzing the most luxurious of clothes, there's nothing more refreshing than walking into a room and seeing a whole wall of looks that, come next Spring, you know could easily be yours.