J.W. Hulme Archives Collection

Get Your Vintage Fix — J.W. Hulme (Virtually) Auctions Off Its Archives

J.W. Hulme Archives Collection

If you're not familiar with J.W. Hulme, let us give you a quick history lesson. The brand has been around since 1905, making tents for the war and then later designing bags for sporting hunters. Fast-forward to present time and J.W. Hulme is still going strong, but now designing quality bags and accessories for the 9 to 5 warrior. We love its sturdy, timeless bags, so you can imagine our excitement when we found out the brand just launched an auction site today — bids are currently between $126 to $420 — selling rare and vintage pieces from its archives. The current stock, which will be replenished for the next couple of weeks, includes a bevy of women and men's bags ranging from buttery soft brown leather totes to cross-body saddle bags. The perfect Fall gift for yourself, or maybe a deserving boyfriend? Check out more pieces from the collection in the slideshow, and then start shopping. May the highest bidder win!


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