Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2013 | Runway

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2013 | Runway

There's no shortage of designers who have referenced the '80s in their Spring 2013 collections, but so far, Jean Paul Gaultier is the only one who's sent models down the runway dressed as a selection of the decade's greatest stars.

Ajak Deng adopted the hair and fierce presence of Grace Jones in a sleeveless black tuxedo. Hannelore Knuts was a dead ringer for Annie Lennox in short, cropped hot-pink hair and a double-breasted pinstripe suit (the jacket cleverly slashed apart to create a bolero and strapless vest). Then came Jessica Stam as the Material Girl herself, all black lace and mesh, with a bow in her hair. Karlie Kloss, in a kimono jacket and printed trousers, looked like Boy George. Sessilee Lopez, in a black motorcycle jacket and a black fedora, gave her very best Michael Jackson. And Frankie Mueller? Pure Ziggy Stardust in a one-legged, one-sleeved bodysuit made of an open-weave crochet. (Off the runway, Gaultier put four models dressed as KISS in the front row.)

These pieces were a fun dash of frivolity in a week that's shown some serious fashion. But Gaultier showed some strong and marketable contenders, too, among them a black gown with sheer triangular panels, some fun metallic baseball jackets, and a charming selection of denim pieces that went from short shorts to a duster jacket.