Joanna Mastroianni Fall Winter 2008 Video Runway Fashion Show and Designer Interview

From Start To Finish at Joanna Mastroianni

There is something magical about seeing a collection come together. Our visit to Joanna Mastroianni's studio before Fashion Week made us feel exceptionally lucky as she dazzled us with her laser like focus and inspiration. But seeing the finished collection today was an even more rare privilege. The tiles she had shown us in our video tour manifested in garments fit for a princess from skirts to a hoodie cape. Indeed, while her theme was more Moroccan this season we asked her before the show if she had ever been inspired by Byzantine princess Anna Comnena what with her emphasis on detailing, gold and noble craftsmanship. Her face lit up and she told us that yes rare and exceptional women throughout history have always inspired her with Anna at the top of her list. It was an esoteric inspiration thus we were pleased to find ourselves on the same wavelength as the brilliant Joanna. We like to think that Princess Anna just may be the patron saint of this royal line.