Jonathan Adler Handbags Fall 2012 Pictures

Jonathan Adler Handbags Fall 2012

Jonathan Adler Handbags Fall 2012

>>Jonathan Adler stuck to his guns when designing the second season of his new handbag collection, imbuing every tote, clutch, and purse with the same savoir faire that guides his eclectic line of home goods.

"It really made sense to me to take some of my motifs and themes, and I think they translate perfectly into the fashion category," said Adler, who's been selling pottery since 1994. "The handbags address the same issues I address when I make a pot. It's form, pattern, color — and I just kind of had a burning desire to do it."

That desire has turned into an interesting and forward-thinking collection of bags that espouse Adler's happy, pop aesthetic. For Fall, that means handbags that combine geometric patterned knitwear with leather accents and a tote that advocates for peace on one side and love on the other. Pricing details for the Fall collection weren't available as of this post, but the Spring bags sold from $38 to $250.

Adler, who collaborated with Lacoste on a line of polo shirts for Spring, says he's going to keep on making things as long as he can — and he's not counting out the possibility of a ready-to-wear collection.

"The more I make, the more I want to make, so I never say never to anything," he said, adding that he thinks his clothing line "would be colorful and happy and — I hope — unimpeachably chic and beautifully crafted." Just like his bags.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adler