Julia Roberts Most Iconic Movie Looks

Do You Know All of Julia Roberts's Most Iconic Movie Looks?

Do You Know All of Julia Roberts's Most Iconic Movie Looks?

With model-worthy looks, extraordinary acting chops, and a megawatt smile that precedes her signature infectious laugh, Julia Roberts was clearly destined to be a star. From girl next door to red carpet ace, Julia's captured and held our attention for over a quarter century with her award-winning styles on and off screen. Though we may have been a little young to grasp the full concept of Pretty Woman, we could still appreciate the fierce fashions — and memorize every line as if it was our job, which ironically aided in the writing of this post. From endearing streetwalker to best-friend-turned-love-interest to spiritual seeker, Julia has had us mesmerized with her screen style since day one.

Today marks Julia's 46th birthday, though she doesn't look a day over 21, and what better way to honor the A-lister than a look back at her most iconic movie looks. We can't wait to see what her sartorial future holds — after all, she's got moves we've never seen.

Source: Disney, Samuel Goldwyn Films, and Universal Pictures