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Julianne Moore Defends Her All-Black Wardrobe

Julianne Moore Defends Her All-Black Wardrobe

Few faces make us take pause like Julianne Moore, so the latest installment of The Edit simply took our breath away. In a series of highly glamorous and dramatic shots, Julianne models sexy labels like L'Agent by Agent Provocateur, Kiki de Montparnasse, Kaufmanfranco, and Christian Louboutin. Of course, the designer we most closely associate her with is Tom Ford, whom Julianne counts as "a really good friend."

And as a loyal friend, she is supportive of his work: "When Tom makes something for you, you wear it . . . He's not mysterious about fashion, which I love," she explained. "He's just a great, wonderfully creative and soulful person."

In keeping with that grounded approach to style, Moore's rules are simple: "After a certain age, you can't wear anything with words on it. Also, I don't wear a lot of color because, having red hair, I carry a lot of color with me." She added: "I read a quote from an actress who said, 'Only wearing black is like not taking chances,' and I was like, 'I guess I don't take chances then! I wear a lot of black!'" She may not think there's much risk, but there's definite reward in Julianne's sultry black looks — read on to see them all.