Karen Elson, Jack White Photos

A Look Back at Karen Elson and Jack White, The Couple

June 2010: Celebrating the music of Paul McCartney at the Library of Congress

>> Karen Elson and Jack White are making sure their marriage — just over six years' worth — goes out with a bang, by holding a divorce party in Nashville this evening. The couple wasn't often captured together — it wasn't until last year that White finally agreed to be photographed with Elson for the first time, for Vogue's June 2010 issue. “When this [opportunity at Vogue] came about,” Elson said at the time, “for whatever reason, he was sort of like, You know, this is going to be the only time we are ever, ever, ever going to do this, so it might as well be with the best people on the planet, it might as well be with Annie [Leibovitz] and Grace [Coddington], to get that one great image of the pair of us.” Those images, plus the rare few others of the couple together, in the slideshow; plus, The White Stripes' video for "Blue Orchid," on the set of which Elson and White met in 2005. It premiered just days before they were married.