Kate Moss Wearing Hats (Pictures)

Hats Off to You, Kate Moss! Winner of the 2013 Hat Person of the Year

Kate Moss Wearing Hats (Pictures)

When you're Kate Moss, hats don't just protect you from the sun or act as cool fashion statements; they can also win you titles. That's right, in an online poll conducted by the Headwear Association, Kate Moss emerged as the 2013 Hat Person of the Year, beating out hat-wearing competition like Bruno Mars and Anne Hathaway. We're not surprised. Adding any variety of hats to her outfits is practically, well, old hat for Moss, whose fedoras, caps, and Panama hats go hand in hand with her signature downtown London look. In honor of Kate's big win, we're taking a look back at 10 of her best hat-wearing moments and celebrating the supermodel's iconic style. Step inside and tip your hat to the always well-accessorized Kate Moss!

Source: Getty

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