Kate Moss Wedding Reception Pictures by Terry Richardson

See Terry Richardson's Pictures from Inside Kate Moss's Wedding

Jamie Hince and Kate Moss, just after cutting the cake

>> Kate Moss and Jamie Hince took off from the grounds of her Cotswolds home Sunday in a helicopter after a raucous three-day wedding extravaganza — she's rumored to have leaped into her swimming pool, still in her Galliano wedding dress, at one point — presumedly to get their honeymoon started. Rumors have them heading to Timbuktu in Mali, Algeria, the Sahara, Thailand, and the Caribbean over the next few months, but another report came yesterday that Sir Philip Green had loaned them an 109-foot yacht, on which they plan to sail the Mediterranean for the next two weeks. Although spokesman for both Green and Moss declined comment, some more Kate Moss wedding fodder to whet your appetite: Terry Richardson just posted pictures of Moss, Hince, Marc Jacobs, and more during the wedding weekend's festivities.