Jeremy Scott is never one to shy away from bold and racy designs and his Spring 2008 collection was no exception. Though there was no ass-slapping between models like there has been in his past shows, there was lots of drama. Namely, all the female models walked out with large garbage can hats.

Backstage, watching them get ready before the show, I wondered why they had dirt-like makeup on their faces, legs and arms. Upon show time, it all came together: the concept was construction chic. Imagine Grace Kelly was a sewer employee, collected from the dirty work conditions and thrown onto a runway. She'd still be glamorous and gorgeous but with some dirt around the edges.

The silhouettes were nothing new but the prints were avant-garde and edgy. They included street signs, boot prints, pipes, rulers and tools. The inspirational aspect was that these tough prints were plastered on rather feminine dresses, blouses and skirts. The most unwearable piece was a black bubble tiered dress made of what looked like plastic; it rivaled the famous Lanvin silhouettes.

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What was your inspiration for this show?
I was really inspired by construction workers, trash cans, back alleys, junkyards, road signs, work boots; all these brute, masculine images. All the things that are overlooked. I wanted to take all these elements and make something beautiful out of them.

Who would you say is the Jeremy Scott girl?
I would say that Cory Kennedy is the Jeremy Scott girl. She's definitely one of my muses. She keeps me on my toes.

What's a staple every woman should have in her wardrobe?
I great pair of high heels.

What are your favorite pieces from the collection?
It's like picking between babies! I like the boot stomp pieces a lot.

Let's talk about the beauty.
We took elements of Grace Kelly, the matte red lip and the hair. But then it's like she's been on a construction site.

What was your biggest struggle with this collection?
I can't really think of one. It's kind of like clockwork and connecting the dots. My advice would be to stick to what you believe and to follow your instinct.

Anything you want to add?
Hi mom!