Lauren Conrad's Accessory Collection

On Our Radar: LC's Accessorizes Herself and Tells Us All About It!

Miss BellaSugar had the chance to chat with leader of The Hills at a Mark cosmetics event this week . . . and you know she had my back! We got the scoop on Lauren Conrad's beauty secrets as well as her new accessories line in collaboration with Mark cosmetics. As you know, LC is a brand ambassador and the company is launching a campaign called m.Powerment, which aims to speak out against domestic violence. Right on. More news, Lauren is launching an accessories collection with Mark. Between her Lauren Conrad collection and her success with the show, Lauren is on the up and up. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the colorful printed dress she wore at this event is from her Holiday collection.

One item to note is the 'Have a Heart Necklace' that is (only) $22 and 100 percent of the proceeds go to charity. Here's what LC had to say about the special necklace:

“I collaborated with Mark in doing the ‘Have a Heart Necklace,’ which you have in front of you guys, and we are all wearing. They come in silver and gold, they are double-sided. They have the little stones on one side and the little heart on the back of the pendant. It retails for $22 and 100 percent of the profit goes to charity. It's basically the gist of the charity. It also comes with a little extender in the back so you can kinda adjust how long you want. It's also fun to layer with different pieces. It’s just a kind of an easy piece for people to wear.”

To read all about LC's accessory line and to see exclusive photos of the collection, read more

LC on her accessory line with Mark:

"We [Mark and LC] collaborated together and did a line of accessories and we had a lot of fun with it. Oh, and you all get all of this to take home with you. I’ll go through them real quick. We started with bangles because they are easy and they’re not going anywhere. But we did them in silver and gold and we added just a little splash of color; a bit of orange on these and blue on the silver. And then we did — this is actually my favorite piece we did — we did rings that kind of have a little bit of a stud on them all the way around. We did them in gold and silver and you can wear them alone, I stack mine with a little ring, or you can even stack them together. They are just kind of fun and unique. Then we did — these are a little more fun and cute — we did kind of like this costume jewelry look where we did two rings in gold and silver and we did different colors on them. But they are kind of fun to dress stuff up with. And we did the headband because I love headbands. We did a headband and you can either wear it as a normal headband or when your hair is up or down you can put it in and pull your hair over it and then it kind of looks like a little hair accessory in your hair.”

LC on upcoming projects:

“I’m working on a couple things but they are still on their early stages. Obviously I’m always involved with Mark and now with the new charity will make it a little bit more involved. There’s that. I have the clothing line, between that and the show are most of my time because we are filming four times a week plus I have at least two fittings a week plus you know what we are designing. So that’s just every day. And then, my social life. [Laughs]. Because we do a lot of events and then also I don’t have a stylist or anything so every event I go to I can never wear the same thing. So I have to stop and get something to wear.”

LC on styling herself:

"Yeah. That’s the fun part! They asked me if I wanted a stylist and I’m like, that’s the funnest part."

LC on the headgear in the collection

"We did the little cabbie hat, which comes in the black and brown, which are cute for Fall because all these are coming out in back to school. And then we did this set right here, we did it in blue, and black over there. Kind of the draped down hat, you don’t necessarily have to wear in the Fall because you can wear it with a tanktop and jeans and that will look cute. We did a matching scarf with it, which is a long scarf that you can wrap a few times and the gloves which are kind of similar to those knit gloves you wear which are shorter but they are kind of long and go up to about here (points to elbow), because I was recently traveling a lot and I have all these really great coats that cut off right here (at elbow). And they’re really cute but you go outside and you’re really cold so this was kind of a way to make that simple glove a little bit more elegant. And that’s it.”

But, that's not it. Lauren is very excited about her latest endeavor and I'm sure we'll see her modeling her goods around town. What do you think? Are these more or less exciting than her clothing collection? I like the rings — the chunky rhinestone one and studded gold one. As for pricing, they are from $14-$22 and will be available September 16th at One thing is for sure: LC is on a roll and we can assume she has more fashion tricks up her 3/4-inch sleeves.