Lauren Conrad's Summer outfits

LC's Summer Stylin'

Lauren Conrad's Summer outfits

There are lovers, haters, and there are admirers. Lauren Conrad has officially become a pop phenomenon. And she has remained unscathed along the way. Yes, there was rumor of a sex tape, but did it ever surface? No. This Summer alone, she has been promoting, and wearing, The Lauren Conrad Collection, she talked to us about an (affordable) accessory collection with Mark cosmetics, and she is designing a couture dress for the Emmy trophy ladies. All the while partying and filming the next season of The Hills — premiering tonight! And so, I wanted to throw together a montage of our favorite Summer looks. This girl rules the sidewalk, not the red carpet. LC feels most comfortable in casual, chic outfits; but she'll find her all around fashion groove. She is, after all, the most popular girl of the zeitgeist. You know her, the girl you love to hate, hate to love, but still admire.


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