The Limited Launches New Stores and Announces Collaboration With Jodi Arnold

The Limited's Making a Comeback!

Remember The Limited? I actually used to work there when I was in high school. It was one of my favorite stores back in the day, but sorta disappeared in the late '90s. The brand — under new ownership — is making a major comeback with a new look, new collaborations, and new stores. For starters, The Limited opened up a pop-up store in NYC, Oct. 14-17, so shoppers can reacquaint themselves with its name. '80s labels Forenza and Outback Red also relaunched their partnership with the brand. "Forenza can give us an anchor for that younger sensibility,” said Linda Heasley, CEO of The Limited. Mint designer Jodi Arnold has also inked a deal with the brand for an exclusive collab slated to launch in March featuring embellished rompers, pants, shorts, and tops. Sounds promising!

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