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Livin' On The Edge: Old Navy's Latest Ad Campaign

Livin' On The Edge: Old Navy's Latest Ad Campaign

Has anybody else noticed that Old Navy's latest ad campaign has taken a dramatic turn for the edgy? Gone are the days of cheesy beach scenes and backyard barbeques with groups of shiny happy friends. Perhaps it's because Fall is around the corner and this season calls for more grown up clothing and therefore attitudes? I don't really care why Old Navy chose to take their ads to a more mature level and I'm not complaining. Plus, the brand recently gave us a really Fab Look For Less! Doesn't the first shot kind of remind you of the cooler-than-thou French Connection ads?

If you love Old Navy's newest ads too, you can shop the looks here. And out of curiosity, have these new edgy ads changed your perspective of Old Navy in any way or is the brand just a sheep in wolves clothing?

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