Christopher Kane was one of the breakthrough talents from the Spring collections. This young lad apprenticed at Versace, which explains his trademark body hugging designs. But he definitely has a 'je ne sais quoi.' I can picture a sassy, svelte lady in his creations - Victoria Beckham perhaps?

His Spring collection razzled with bold colors and dazzled with nuanced ruffles. He translated this aesthetic to Fall quite clearly if you ask me. Punchy colors as well as browns and blacks will make everyone happy. Key materials were leather and velvet, sometimes separate, sometimes married. Glitter lovers will adore his glittering, slim sweater dresses. I was taken by this glittering red velvet off shoulder dress with fingerless sleeves. His tight pleated trims were a bit overpowering sometimes, as well as the large rhinestone closures - but when minimal they were simply fab. It will be very interesting indeed to see where Mr. Kane goes next.

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