The Lorick Lady Loves Chandeliers and Cake for Spring 2009

In Limbo

>> Abigail Lorick's Spring 2009 Lorick collection will be appearing on an episode of Gossip Girl shortly for public consumption, but first, she staged a presentation today, because let's face it — seeing clothes on TV isn't the same as seeing clothes in real life.

What a presentation it was — a whole floor occupied by seven different elaborate pastiches — "After the Storm," "Demolition Party," "A Room of One's Own," "Overgrown Garden," "Bedroom Disaster" — and my favorite two: the chandelier and TV-laden "In Limbo," and the saccharine "Cake Coma." The set design was amazing, and slightly reminiscent of a presentation Vena Cava did a couple of years back — but nevermind. This one was better.