Louis Vuitton Recruits Maggie Gyllenhaal to Launch 2010 Cruise in NYC

Vika Kuropyatnikova

Maggie Gyllenhaal was the guest of honor last night at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York as Louis Vuitton hosted the worldwide launch of their 2010 Cruise line. The company's President and CEO, Daniel Lalonde, joined Saks' chairman Steve Sandove at the "Jardin Louis Vuitton," where other famous faces like Serena Williams, Alexis Bryan and Amy Sacco mingled among the greenery, flowers and a make-a-wish tree.

Maggie apparently didn't feel terribly at home with the plant life; she said her husband Peter Sarsgaard has a greener thumb and she doesn't even know what he grows in their Brooklyn backyard. Model Vika Kuropyatnikova sported a pair of the house's bunny ears, which seemed appropriate for the garden theme.

11/10/09 New York Getty and WireImage