MIA Versus Versace Collaboration | Pictures

M.I.A.'s Versus Collaboration Was Inspired by Bootleg Versace

MIA Versus Versace Collaboration | Pictures

How's this for an artistic statement? Rapper M.I.A.'s upcoming collaboration with Versace's Versus line was inspired by counterfeit Versace pieces.

"Versace designs have always been bootlegged, now it's Versace bootlegging the bootleg for the bootleggers to bootleg the bootleg," the singer said in a statement. "This is to keep that cycle going."

The 19-piece collaboration will launch online and in select stores on Oct. 16, and the highly colorful pieces feature riffs on the Versace Medusa head logo and its classic Greek key prints. A GIF campaign (shown here) shot by Jaime Martinez will feature M.I.A. and her friends wearing the pieces in East London markets like the ones the singer visited as a child. A look at some of the products and images from the collaboration here in the gallery.

Photo courtesy of Versus