Madewell Spring 2013 Collection

First Look! Madewell Spring '13 Continues Its Cool-Girl Domination

First Look! Madewell Spring '13 Continues Its Cool-Girl Domination

Herein lies your first look at Madewell's Spring '13 lineup, fresh from our visit to J.Crew headquarters. Disclaimer: there's a very likely chance you'll fall in love with much (read: all) of the collection. And while there are some immediate layering takeaways to be had, remember these pieces aren't actually available until next Spring. Now, onto what really matters, and that has everything to do with the brand's perennial cool-girl vibe.

Defined by its core supply of vintage-y denim shirts, printed denim skinny jeans, and one patchwork-style Canadian tuxedo, Madewell is sticking to what it does best. Then, with a much girlier flourish than usual, you'll see lighter floral prints mixed with textured white slip dresses, brightly colored lace sets layered over denim button-ups, softer plaids toughened up with camouflage outerwear, and enough ladylike skimmer flats to give you that classic Audrey Hepburn edge. Worry not stripes lovers, there are wide-set iterations, nautical-inspired versions, and one rendition that makes us instantly think of the chicest Parisian style setter, too. Keep in mind — the styled layering here can be utilized now. Textured sweaters paired with white dresses give you Winter white in one go, blazers styled with a blouse-and-tee combo are a must, and dresses over pants are officially worth trying. Got all that? Click on.


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