Madonna's Birthday: Style Retrospective 2011-08-16 03:37:23

Happy Birthday, Madonna! Her 53 Most Memorable Style Moments

Madonna's Birthday: Style Retrospective 2011-08-16 03:37:23

The woman who gave us innumerable dance songs, who epitomized the pop-punk vibe of the '80s, who shocked us with her provocative take on sexuality and sex, and impressed us with her Teflon ability to reinvent herself turns 53 today. Today Madonna is a mother of three who has launched a clothing line with her eldest daughter, Lola, and favors '40s silhouettes from lines like Miu Miu. In the beginning, Madonna was a pop princess, embracing big shoulders and punky layering of the '80s. Over the course of her impressive, still-chugging career, Madonna has sported — or started — every trend from punk, to menswear, to bombshell, to bohemian, to geisha. We will always love Madonna for her fearlessness in fashion on stage and off. We also can't thank her enough for giving us "Like a Prayer," else we might never have tried karaoke. In honor of her 53 years, we've highlighted 53 of her most memorable looks.

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