Is Marc Jacobs Addicted to Getting Tattoos?

Oct. 2008

>> Scott Campbell, also known as Marc Jacobs's exclusive tattoo artist, recently asked the designer to pose for a tattoo portrait with Terry Richardson.  Marc, who has no qualms about going shirtless these days, of course obliged. The result is below — cartoons like SpongeBob SquarePants, an M&Ms character, a Simpsons version of Marc, a couch on his hip, the word “Shameless” on his chest, two renditions of the logo for porn magazine Oui, a forearm tattoo that reads “Bros Before Hos,” "Perfect" on his right wrist — all on display.

In September 2008, Marc told The New Yorker he had 28 tattoos, but if you look back a year or so ago when Marc went shirtless for Out and Arena Homme+, the only tattoos readily on display are the Oui logos, which means he presumptively went from two tattoos to 28 (or more) in the span of a year.  He told The New Yorker that he had rechanneled his addictive personality into working out, but it seems like some of that has spilled over into his passion for tattoos, as well.
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