Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 | Runway

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 | Runway

After last season's kooky Mad Hatter mashup, it seems only fair that for Spring 2013, Marc Jacobs would offer us something easier to grasp. A little fashion palette cleansing, perhaps?

Thankfully, that's precisely what we got. After all, what's easier to understand than a little good old-fashioned sex appeal?

But this wasn't sex appeal in an aggressive Versace kind of way — not that there's anything wrong with that. No, we're talking here about Marc Jacobs, and Jacobs is a very particular sort. He likes to break convention, and he likes to send his messages mixed. Neutral hues and graphic stripes on pared-down silhouettes with a mod secretary slant? That doesn't sound so outright racy. But when they come in the form of unbuttoned jackets that show a little midriff and skirts slung low enough to expose the hip bone, or as languid gowns with chiffon slits that expose a flash of thigh and long-sleeved dresses accented with cutouts to reveal just a bit of shoulder skin, well then the idea comes across loud and clear.