Margherita Missoni's Vintage Sale on

Margherita Missoni Gets Generous With Personal Wardrobe Sale on Yoox

Margherita Missoni's Vintage Sale on

Margherita Missoni's legions of fans across the world have a chance to buy pieces of her eclectic wardrobe — and to support a good cause in the process.

Starting today, the ecommerce site will offer over 70 pieces from Missoni's vintage collection, including accessories, separates, and gowns, that range in price from $110 to $990. All but one of the pieces — a blue Pachamama sweater that Missoni's grandmother bought for her in London — are Missoni, and many of them have a special significance for her. In the video below, Missoni highlights a sweater that reminds her of New York and an evening gown she wore on the first work trip she took with her future husband. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to OrphanAid Africa, a children's charity Missoni has supported for nearly a decade.

"Sometimes life has really been too generous with me, and this is definitely the case with clothes," Missoni says. "But now it's time to release them and the energy which surrounds them. If I didn't, I would need life to be just as generous in terms of closet space, homes, and even more patience from my husband."

A look at some of the pieces from the sale here in the gallery.

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