Marios Schwab Spring 2013 | Runway

Marios Schwab Spring 2013

Marios Schwab Spring 2013 | Runway

If the tough leather harnesses, aggressively tailored dresses, and sporty black under-eye makeup the models wore during Marios Schwab's Spring 2013 made the designer look as though he's sending women into battle, it's because he is.

"We are warriors at the end of the day, all of us," Schwab said backstage after the show, explaining that this season is for him a reaction to the turmoil that surrounds the women who wear his clothing. And when could those women need shields more than now, with the Eurozone seeking a solution to its economic crisis and political unrest bubbling all over the world?

So to protect his customers, Schwab made pleated dresses that fit close to the body in shapes that resembled plates of armor and embellished shirts and other dresses with a metallic fringe that evoked the feeling of a tribal warrior. His shoes, fringed black leather affairs made in collaboration with Ancient Greek Sandals, helped carry that feeling to the ankle. Lace elements and crystal embellishments added a touch of femininity, but on long shorts that poked out from underneath dresses and skirts, even the sparkle looked like an extra layer of defense.