Match the Fabulous Fashion Editor to Her Fashion Bible!

Since I can remember, I've been intrigued by fashion editors. They dress impeccably, sit in the front row at Fashion Weeks around the world . . . oh, and they get to decide what gets published in the world's most popular fashion bibles. Are you as obsessed as I am? See if you can match the fashion editor to her publication. Some are a cinch, while others take a little more fashion prowess . . .

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This always-fashionable lady is the editor-in-chief for which magazine?
Vogue Paris
French Elle
W Magazine
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Blondie Linda Wells runs the show for which of the following magazines?
V Magazine
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Glenda Bailey helms which fashion magazine?
Marie Claire
Harper's Bazaar
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This one should be easy. Which magazine is this sharp lady editor-in-chief for?
W Magazine
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Brandusa Niro is the editor for which fun publication?
Life & Style
The Daily
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Which publication does Robin Givhan give her fashion expertise to?
The Washington Post
Fashion Wire Daily
New York Magazine
Guess the Star by Her Saucy Shoe!
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Guess the Star by Her Saucy Shoe!