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Match the Teen Queen to Her Fab Accessory!

Admit it: You watched the Teen Choice Awards last night. No shame here, it's a light-hearted, action-packed show! I tuned in and out, but was still thinking of the best dressed of the night. We've dissected the looks head to toe, but have you? Take my quiz and see!

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Who kept her silver clutch close and wore a slinky snake bracelet?
Hayden Panettiere
Lauren Conrad
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Who opted for jeans, yellow sandals, and blue toes on the blue carpet?
Brandi Cyrus
Jordan Sparks
Jessica Stroup
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Who layers her fun bracelets atop sequins?
Natasha Bedingfield
Cassie Steele
Miley Cyrus
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Who dangled an artsy black clutch?
Rachel Bilson
Leighton Meester
Brittany Snow
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Who wore some super-cute studded Mary Janes to the show?
Blake Lively
Vanessa Hudgens
Shenae Grimes
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Who kept her finger on her sleek gold clutch?
Kim Kardashian
Sophia Bush
Olivia Wilde
Guess the Celebrity by Her Hot Handbag!
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Guess the Celebrity by Her Hot Handbag!

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