Max Kibardin Shoes and Bags Fall 2012 Pictures

First Look — Max Kibardin's Fall 2012 Collection Comes To America

Max Kibardin Shoes and Bags Fall 2012 Pictures

>> If the name Max Kibardin doesn't sound familiar yet, it will soon. Kibardin's eponymous line of women's shoes and handbags will be in Saks Fifth Avenue's New York flagship store this month. We wouldn't be surprised if a few more stores carried the line by the time his Fall collection goes on sale.

Kibardin told Vogue that his design ethos toes the line between what's old and what's new. "You have to be classic, but you have to have some news," he said. Kibardin manages to achieve that blend by taking classic designs and rendering them in unexpected materials or by altering well-known shapes to give them new life. His signature stiletto, for example, looks almost as though it's being squished by the weight of the wearer's heel — but his handbags wouldn't look out of place on the arm of Queen Elizabeth II.

Take a first look at the collection here. Kibardin's Fall men's shoes are included, but won't be available in the United States for a little while longer.

Photos Courtesy of Max Kibardin