McQ by Alexander McQueen Runway Fall 2012

McQ by Alexander McQueen Fall 2012

McQ by Alexander McQueen Fall 2012

Tonight's McQ by Alexander McQueen lineup was a breathtaking showcase of stylized beauty and fashion fantasy. Considering this was the diffusion line's first-ever showing during London Fashion Week, we'd say the bar has been set pretty high. Immersed in dark tones, rich fabrics, and even richer embellishments (think velvet embroidered onto sheer lace), each nipped-waist dress marched out onto the leaf-ridden runway with just the right amount of retro nostalgia and tough-girl attitude. Standout pieces ranged from the super-structured outerwear and signature tartan plaid dress with sheer lace detailing to the brocade-felt skirts and chunky harness-inspired belts. If the impeccable designs alone weren't enough to move you into a state of awe, then tales of the spectacular finale certainly will. As model Kristen McMenamy took her final turn in an ivory lace gown, all went dark except for a spotlight overhead. From there, gold flecks were showered over her from above, she found a rope hidden beneath the foliage, and she pulled herself to the end of the catwalk where a dark enchanted forest awaited her. I promise, I am not making this up. High drama and poetic undertones aside, this collection was exquisite and featured all the tell-tale tailoring that we've come to revere from McQueen wares. Get the breakdown below.

  • Trends: Tulle ballerina skirts, nipped-waists, embellished lace and velvet, wide belts, long gloves, and super structured outerwear.
  • Colors: Black, crimson red, ivory, military green, and pops of colorful floral applique.
  • Key Piece: The nipped-waist shapes ruled, especially the final ivory lace dress.
  • Accessories: Chunky wide belts, opera-length gloves, fur neck wraps, and lace-up combat-style boots.
  • Who Would Wear It: The girl who loves a strong, yet ultrafeminine silhouette like Jessica Chastain, Rose Byrne, and Zoe Saldana.
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