Merci! Gracias! Danke Schön!

Writing thank you cards is one of those gracious things I think a lot of people wish they were better about. I'm sure you all received some fab, and maybe not-so-fab, gifts over the holidays and whichever category the gift falls in, it is sometimes extra polite to follow-up with a 'thank you.' While we're on the subject, a couple of etiquette tips:

  • When in doubt, put it in writing. Here are the times you must send a thank you: if you're a houseguest, the guest of honor at a party, or if you weren't with the gift-giver when you opened the present.
  • If you're not a wordsmith, simply mention the gift and add a line about what you plan to do with it. Or describe one thing you liked about the party.

Here are a few thank you notes from my new favorite stationers:

Elum Designs, prices range from $12-$16 for a pack of six. More prints available.

A couple more, so read more

Paper Ink Studio hand silk-screened folded cards, $14 for a pack of six large, $5.50 for a pack of four mini cards. Singles available too.

Akemi Designs, $18 for a pack of eight. On this unique card, three Yuzen paper arrows point to a velveteen blossom with gold center. Blank inside.