Meryl Streep's Most Iconic Fashion Moments

A Look Back at Meryl Streep's Most Memorable Style Moments

With a sleek bob in the 1982 film Still of the Night.

She may be an unwilling style icon, but there's no denying that Meryl Streep has an innate elegance all her own. "For me, clothes are kind of character; I don't follow fashion or understand trends," the 16-time Oscar nominee has said. That may be, but who else wears clothing with such natural grace that they've inspired dozens of designers' collections — as Streep did in her 1985 Out of Africa role — and who else but Streep could portray the ultimate Prada-wearing, fear-inducing fashion editor with such believable and transportative aplomb? In honor of her June 22 birthday, here's a look back at the iconic actress's most indelible style moments.