Why I declare: Miucca Prada has gone eco. Her bewildering Fall collection is hard to explain, as Prada often is, so I will do my best. She declares this collection was "something simple but strange." Indeed!

I saw eco in raw hems, a puckering effect in skirts and dresses (that I'm not a bit fan of) and her bold greens and oranges. The green even looked like - dare I say - Astroturf. The dropped silhouette in many coats and dresses has a 20s feel; I liked it in a long cardigan and skirt pairing, not so much in coats. Matte metallics were a nod to the future, as were the plasticized leathers. Some pieces were atrocious while others stole my heart; the colorful furry mohair coats made me want to bundle up immediately and the color block knee socks were just so cool and innovative. Minimal shifts, coats and knits were reminiscent of Prada's debut in the 90s. A bit awkward at first, I'm sure I'll warm up to this truly fashion forward collection.

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