Mulberry Debuts Travel Bag Collection

Mulberry Introduces New Travel Bags That Are Worth Swooning Over

Mulberry Debuts Travel Bag Collection

Inspired by the glamour of exotic travel — and the vintage steamer trunks that might accompany a trip — Mulberry introduced its new Travel Bag collection, which is due to hit stores on Feb. 15 and will range from $1,250-$3,500. The steamer trunk reference comes from the metal-tipped corners, while the animal prints offer plenty in the form of exoticism. Blake Lively was spotted carrying a white version of the bag on Gossip Girl, a positive sign that these bags will be one of the most covetable accessories of the year. While the bags aren't due to hit stores for a few more days (OK, 13 to be exact), you can click through now to see the rest of the collection, including a truly fantastic green lizard-print camera bag!


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