For a stylephile, closets are a very personal thing. And so, I am about to bare my soul to you, my friends. In case you didn't hear, I moved about a month ago. I upgraded from a studio to a one bedroom — yay! Annabelle and I are very happy in our spacious new digs. I have to admit one of the things that sold me on this place was the two closets. My one before wasn't too bad, but I have dreamed of a personalized closet for years and knew the time had come.

I quickly called California Closets because the existing white wire racks and configurations were not working for my Fab things. My clothes were not fitting well (I don't have that much stuff, I swear) and it was just a bad use of space. I thought it would be fun to share my experience with you. The only other thing I was this happy about investing in was my little furry roomie so here's the scoop.

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There are two closets. One in the hallway, intended for coats, linens, travel gear and the like. This one is OK, do-able. Simple. Then there's the "mistress" (as California Closets calls it) closet, which spans the whole wall across from my bed and has mirrored sliding doors — yes! This is obviously the key closet in which my livelihood will live. Sadly, clothes were smushed and shoes were boxed while I had to get the project done. If I've been moody the past couple weeks, now you know why. But really, it's a big undertaking and expense I'm willing to make for my truest love: fashion.

The hard part is over. Stay tuned as I find my way to a Fab closet!

Mistress closet:

Hallway closet: