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On My Way to a Fab Closet, Part II

It has begun! The Fab closet metamorphosis is in full effect and my clothes are already thanking me.

First thing's first. In order for the installation to begin, California Closets had a separate construction company come and tear down what is in my already existing closets. They patched up the walls and took all debris away. It was nice to come home to a blank canvas! This cost approximately $560 — a little steep if you ask me. But they did a clean job and showed up on time so moving on . . .

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The next part is the installation. Here's where I have to be honest. I have only heard good things about California Closets so I was utterly surprised/bummed when they didn't show up on my scheduled Saturday installation date. That's right, they just didn't show. I was given a window of 10:30 - 12:00 p.m. and once noon rolled around I started panicking. I called my consultant and she was on the case. Only, they totally messed up and I fell through the cracks. As you all know, I work at Sugar headquarters during the week so Saturday is the ideal option for such a major life changing event for me. I was livid. After countless apologies we rescheduled for the following Tuesday but my mom had to make herself available to oversee it (thanks again mommie!).

It only took a few hours and once my mom called to say it was all done I wanted to drop everything and run home and start organizing. I had already been fantasizing about cleaning things out and wondering if all my shoes would actually fit! I got home, said hi to Annabelle and got busy. This is pretty much how I spent every evening last week after work. Life stops when you have a brand new closet.

I was a little surprised the wood frame didn't cover more — I thought it consumed the whole closet space. But I guess once you get your clothes in you don't see the sides and back. I picked out the wood finish and the silver poles to match my floor and matte silver finishes throughout my place. So here is the hardware, installed and ready for my Fab clothes!

Hallway Closet:




Mistress Closet:








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