On My Way To a Fab Closet, Part III

The most fabulous news: My Fab closet is done! I wanted to make sure it was in tip top order before I did my big reveal. I also had to go the The Container Store to get some boot fillers, skirt hangers (the kind with the multiple hang) and some plastic containers for under my bed storage. All my clothes have been analyzed and some have been tossed to the consignment shop curb — buh-bye! There are still a few questionable items — maybe you all can help me determine their fate? So I really didn't need to do much but put on my organizing Philip Treacy hat when filling it up.

As you can see, I am a color coordinator. I also group items by type; dresses together, tops, jeans etc. I fold my jeans, I don't hang them, btw. What are my favorite parts of the newly improved closet? That's easy: The shoe shelves! Also, all the hanging space. I have lots of dresses, tops and jackets and now everything has a home. But the best part of all is that I can see all my clothes. The only things hiding are seasonal sweaters and costumes. The belt rack and scarf rack are cool too; I've been wearing more of both as a result. I must confess that I also have two dressers. The burgundy one houses my sunglasses, underthings, socks and tights. The big purple one hides jewelry, pj's, cotton basics, tee shirts and sweaters. And, I have a coat rack for grab-and-go jackets and hoodies.

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OK, it's obvious I have a lot of clothes. But this experience has opened my eyes as to what my personal style is. I believe one's style is always evolving — especially for a fashion chameleon — but there were definitely some Fab staples. Allow me to share them with you. I have about ten LBDs as well as oodles of navy and red dresses. Don't let me buy anymore! I love sharp outerwear. Given the foggy climate of San Francisco, I have tons of jackets and coats, but I wear them all. I swear. When I used to live in New York City I had more coats and I started collecting vintage coats and restoring them so I still have a few that I will love forever. I just wear them Carrie Bradshaw style: with a sexy little LBD (see!), strappy heels and a clutch.

Black is most people's neutral, mine is grey. Another thing I don't need to buy more of: grey cardigans and sweaters. I have every kind of pant imaginable: black trouser, black pinstripe, jeans (cropped, wide leg, skinny, black, grey, white), grey trouser, khaki trouser, black cropped, black bermudas. Hmmm, maybe black is my neutral after all. In general, I need to wear more slacks! Carine Roitfeld wears them all the time, so color me inspired. Also, I am more of a shoe junkie than a bag lady. I really don't think I have that many bags, PartySugar. Except, my clutch collection (mostly vintage) is quite fabulous.

Here's the fun part: My favorite brands. I guess there's no other way of uncovering them than raiding your closet. Here goes: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Banana Republic, Theory, H&M, DKNY, J.Crew, Target GO International (lots of pieces from the Proenza Schouler collection last year), BCBG, Miu Miu, Nanette Lepore, DVF, See by Chloe, Paul and Joe, J Brand jeans. As for shoes, I have lots of Marc Jacobs and Marc, KORS Michael Kors, Nine West and Belle Sigerson Morrison. Heels have tapered off for me, I am an official lover of flats. Vintage rules my coats, sandals, clutches and jewelry.

So what's next? I don't have much extra room — this is a good thing. Now that I've been reacquainted with a lot of my clothes I don't feel I need to shop much. But you know me. I have a few shoe slots available, some jacket space and I'm not really happy with my boot collection so come next Fall I may invest in a new pair. Maybe some grey ones . . .

Hallway closet

Mistress closet