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Raid Katniss's Closet With's New Collection

The laser-cut pleather dress ($995) pictured is one that Summerville says is a direct interpretation of a look Jennifer Lawrence sports as Katniss in Catching Fire.  In keeping with the rest of the collection, Summerville sought to make the dress more versatile and affordable, without losing the core of its aesthetic. 

She said: "Their chariot costumes are laser-cut leather, and this is closest to the silhouette of her dress. It's the same shape, except the dress in the film is not patent, it's leather, and has a really long train."

Catching Fire costume designer Trish Summerville is giving Katniss fans the chance to channel their favorite heroine with her newly-launched Capitol Couture collection, which is now on sale exclusively on

We recently caught up with Summerville at LA's Chateau Marmont for a preview of the surprisingly wearable line. She told us she didn't limit herself to the confines of a traditional design process. "Since we were doing a small capsule collection, we got to pick and choose each individual piece," she said. "We didn't have a certain color we had to stick with." The end result? A wide range of items, including the standout piece — a bold, blue, digital-print interpretation of Katniss's mockingjay dress ($550) that's stunningly similar to the movie version. There are also track jackets inspired by the Tributes' arenawear ($375), t-shirts featuring bows and arrows ($75), and even a Katniss-inspired earcuff ($185). Click through to preview some of the key pieces and to hear which looks were ripped straight from the pages of The Hunger Games.


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