New York Fashion Week, Fall 2008: Lyn Devon and Exclusive Designer Interview!

Lyn Devon is a new-found Fab friend who let us in on her inspiration and fabric-tweaking techniques at New York Fashion Week. She started her design house in 2005 where her artful designs have won accolades — including the 2007 Fashion Group International "Rising Star Award" in Women's Ready to Wear. Oh, and she previously worked at Zac Posen and Ralph Lauren. Fans include Sarah Jessica Parker, Mena Suvari, and yours truly. Take a look at her Fall collection: A futuristic approach to Medieval armor, and read all about it below!

Why don’t you tell me a bit about inspiration.

This season I started with armor. A warrior. An artful, independent spirit — which is always my muse. I really wanted to play with the idea of hard and soft and having these structural elements but keeping it feminine and really contoured to the body. I definitely brought it closer to the body this season. I was feeling sexy.

Which is your favorite look from the collection?

I’m really excited about the navy shirtdress. It’s simple but tailored to the body and has this interesting detail. We used this technique: We sliced away the fabric and then inserted borders underneath so if you look up close you see these slices, these different sections on the body. I love to play with lines on the body. This particular dress we encrusted with an armor of Swarovski crystals.

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What about the fabrics and materials you used?

I’ve used a stretch file that is really amazing because it holds shape very well. The A-line shape is one of the silhouettes I was working with, in addition to the very fitted silhouettes. I used a chinced wool that has this hard armor-like sheen to it but at the same time it’s really soft. This blanket wool that has a protective feeling. Some great jerseys and crepe wool, which allowed me to contour to the body but in an effortless way.

It’s true: The clothes may be armor but they don’t look stiff.

I always embrace effortlessness. There’s definitely that play of trying to create a tough elegance but always making it wearable and modern.

What’s next?!

I’m thinking Cuba — I might take a trip there. I want to keep it sultry and sexy. I just bought a book about Cuba and you’ll see something slightly less constructed.

What one item of clothing should every woman have in her closet?

Definitely a little black dress. The one from my Fall collection; it holds you in, you can wear it with boots or heels. That’s my little black dress of the season.