Big floppy hats, high-waisted wide-legged pants paired with vests, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and platform shoes: sounds like DKNY is experiencing some 70s nostalgia!

Jane Chung, DKNY's designer, contrasted colors in the trademark way with big, bold leaf prints, stripes, and colorblocking to a palette of orange, gray, black, pink, olive, and beige. Wide sash obi belts nipped waists and some of the dresses went off-shoulder, giving a bohemian vibe. And it looks like the safari jacket is still hanging around.

Jeans with sheen I've been noticing on many runways appeared here as well, in black, but my favorites are the bold prints and crisp materials. I'm not sure how I feel about all the orange on black, but it works! Alas, DKNY has never been one to shy away from bold color combinations.

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