New York Fashion Week, Spring 2009: Marc Jacobs

Not only was Marc inspired by early Americana — he masterminded the colors, fabrics, jewels and accessories. For Marc's re(marc)able Spring, there were also goofy shoes, mismatched prints, Stephen Jones-designed boater hats, obi belts, and wackadoodle bags. There was also an elegant vaudeville feel, and are those shoulder pads I see? The mirror panels up and down the runway were reminiscent of a fun house — a fashion fun house. I love it when Marc goes maximum, and not minimum. Fab sightings included Jennifer Lopez (in white Roland Mouret), Winona Ryder, Rachel Zoe (we chatted, more on that later), Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie in a rhinestone hippie headband, Sofia Coppola, and Lauren Hutton. Not only was the event a circus, the catwalk was, too.
9:10 p.m.: “Ladies and gentleman please take your seats, we are about to begin the show.” I honestly think Marc is still trying to make up for lost time (show time was 9 p.m.). People were running to get their seats, it was slightly sardine-like.

The clothes: fantastical, colorful, and confused. Suits and separates were mismatched, and all cinched, gathered and bustled with cloth obi belts. Metallic brocade, plaid, and stripes were all whipped together; silhouettes were all over the place, draping was key. And the shoes — which model Jordan Dunn post-show asked me if I noticed — were wonderfully experimental. There was no black in sight until the end, when some stunning dresses appeared, one favorite adorned with gold safety pins at the bodice. This collection was controlled chaos. I spoke of the hats, and stacked bangles and architectural necklaces were added fun. Fun fashion house.

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