Nicola Formichetti Pop-Up Concept Store, Nicola's [Pictures]

Nicola Formichetti Debuts Pop-Up Concept Store, Tries to Hit New York Fashion Week Shows for First Time

Nicola's Pop-Up Store

>> Nicola Formichetti's concept store, done in collaboration with Gage/Clemenceau Architects, has transformed a space at 80 Walker Street in New York into a massive mirrored prism. For the next two weeks starting tomorrow — with a special preview tonight on the occasion of Fashion's Night Out — Nicola's will be open from 12 to 7 pm daily.

Currently housed within the shop are: vintage Versace pieces, Haus of Gaga looks, Mugler shoes and clothing, and woven and repurposed Uniqlo garb, as well as "Nicopanda" rings, iPod, and iPhone cases — which are all available for sale. New merchandise will be added and rotated frequently throughout the shop's two-week existence, and Formichetti's muse Rico the Zombie Boy, who was present at the press preview earlier today, is expected to act as store manager.

"I was looking for a medium to present all the different aspects of what I do," Formichetti explained of the impetus behind the store. "But now, it's becoming more than that, because I've been collaborating with the architects, and we've been merging different people['s ideas]. For me, it's always about collaboration; it's not just my vision, it's the vision of all the people that I work with."

While he's in New York, he plans to stop by a show or two — which would mark his first time ever attending New York Fashion Week: "Every time I was here [during Fashion Week in the past], I was working on something, or I was working on other shows, so I've never actually spent time in the New York fashion scene. I was talking to my friend, and he was telling me, 'This is the first time you're in New York for Fashion Week.' It's crazy."

So who does Formichetti plan to see? "I wanted to go see Richard Chai this morning; I didn't go. I'm going to go see Patrik, Patrik Ervell — you know, just friends. Who's interesting this week? Like interesting. I don't really care about socializing and things like that."

A look inside Nicola's in the slideshow.