Opening Ceremony Mid Boot With Cut Outs

Immaterial: Opening Ceremony Mid Boot With Cut Outs

A lot of things are happening in fashion down around the ankle. This is, indeed, a transitionary period and one that doesn't evolve over one single season. Having lived with the skinny jean for quite some time, trouser silhouettes are, as we know, starting to open up again. Now wide legs are all the rage but what's tricky is actually making the switch from one season to the next. Your silhouette is something that you don't change that often and so those of us who have a closet full of skinny jeans are kind of perplexed as to how to begin the transformation. Because of this we've seen spats, or spat-like footwear, appearing all over the place. Pant rolling, another big trend for spring is, likewise, evidence that the ankle is changing and we're just not ready for it. In other words, these micro trends are emerging where the skinny jean is altered (or covered) but not, er, gone. It's like rehab really. Anyway, rehab has never looked so good. These Opening Ceremony Mid Boot With Cut Out Sandals are straight up amazing. They're burlap with an ethnic/geometric print, and, most importantly, they address the changing ankle situation without making, you know, a big deal of it.