Ouch! Cycling and Fashion Don't Mix

Ouch! Cycling and Fashion Don't Mix

I know cycling is all the rage, but the Fall/Winter ads for for Italian shoe designer Cesare Paciotti have got me in a tizzy. Too many times now have I cringed upon viewing these ads. What I love about the ads is the crisp colors and the lovely Anja Rubik. And yes, they are provocative, in typical Paciotti ad fashion.

But when did body suits ever come back into vogue? I remember wearing these in junior high with baggy jeans and a flannel tied around my waist — mind you — the thong portion was completely covered. As it should be! Then, put the model atop a bicycle? I just don't get it. I have completely forgotten she is supposed to be modeling shoes. All I see is a pale ass, pardon my French. I love you Anja and Cesare but this is just malapropos imagery. Can I get an amen?

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