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On Our Radar: Old Navy Gets a Makeover

Looks like Todd Oldham, the new Creative Director of Old Navy, has been a busy, busy bee! He's looking to change Old Navy from a family brand to a go-to place for the twenty-something crowd.

Turning a new leaf means a new logo, as well as collections that change more frequently on a monthly basis, like what Zara and H&M do. The first collection, for February, goes for an urban safari look, so expect African-inspired dresses, safari suiting, lace-adorned tank tops, khakis, city shorts, and plenty of red and prints.

Then in March, the focus turns to all brights and whites inspired by Palm Beach. April brings a surf appeal, May, a tropical, Hawaiian point of view, and for June, it's all about glitz and glamour, just in time for the MTV Music Awards.

Officially, Oldham's influence isn't supposed to be noticed until around June, but I, for one, am noticing it already.


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