When the news came last July that Stella McCartney was introducing her first lingerie line, I was intrigued. Now that the collection is hitting stores February 1, I am definitely pumped.

The first round of sweet nothings consists of thirteen different collections, each with cheeky names like Poppy Posing, Coco Blushing, and Eve Giggling. Everything from a '40s vintage-inspired range of bras, bodysuits, and briefs with mesh and silk patches stitched on to a silk georgette star-printed triangle bra and thong are in the mix.

For those of you who like to keep things organized, "Knickers of the Week" gift packs are available, with a week's worth of briefs each embroidered with a different day of the week and floral detail. To see what the "Daisy Dreaming," "Sandy Stripping," and "Iris Sleeping" collections look like, you'll just have to check out the luxe pieces yourself.

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