Belgian-born designer Olivier Theyskens is now at the helm of Nina Ricci. You can see his street fashion cred and moody perspective in this Fall 2007 collection.

I thought it was an emotional back and forth between drifting heavenly visions and sadly beautiful waifs. If the white-grey-yellow color story or asymmetrical ruffling looks familiar it's because this was the designer Reese Witherspoon chose to wear throughout awards show season. And we all know it worked for her. It is this juxtaposition of light and dark, happy and sad, that worked for Reese. While she constantly looked dynamite, amidst a divorce, there has to be some sadness dwelling behind that killer smile and bright blue eyes. Just a thought, but I see Reese's strength, but undeniable sadness, on this catwalk. Fluid tailoring, tear-drop shaped blousons, and deconstructed, ie. wrinkled, gowns were fresh, although questionably wearable. Speaking of questionably wearable, dig the feathers in the hair - a magical touch.

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