Paris Fashion Week, Spring 2009: Balenciaga

To be fair, I featured the prettiest, sci-fi induced looks from Nicolas Ghesquière's Spring collection. And there's more where that came from, but these are the most spectacular. Never one to succumb to trends, the Balenciaga designer paves his own way, always delivering a new direction. His direction is clearly into the future, but a luxurious one. Some looks were pared down, in matted colors, consisting of wrapped tops, sporty pants, and colorblocked detailing fit for a spaceship crew.

On the flip side is the tinfoil decadence you see here. Dig the sliced sleeve hem. This is a somewhat tame collection for the house, and most of us always look forward to his fancy footwear but the clunky, sporty boots aren't floating my boat. The designer did send handbags and menswear down the runway for the first time though, so there were a couple surprises.

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