Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014 | Videos

Your Free Ticket to France! 11 Ways to Relive Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014 | Videos

Paris Fashion Week may have ended, but don't worry: the fun is really just beginning. (For instance, as much as we loved seeing all the collections come down the runways, we can't wait until we can wear them next Spring!) Without you even having to brush off your passport, we're sending you to France to relive the full fashion experience.

So, what's on the itinerary? We're zooming in on the best in street style accessories with our bag and shoe cams, spotlighting the top trends, and predicting which runway gowns may find their way onto the red carpet. Plus, we're taking you on a tour of France's oldest department store (and the birthplace of shopping!) and getting you backstage at one designer's runway show. Watch it all here in the gallery.

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