Paul Rowland's First Ford Models Show Package for Spring 2011

Paul Rowland's First Ford Show Package — For Spring 2011 — Highlights Tao Okamoto, Karmen Pedaru, and Dafne Cejas in Retro Style

Karmen Pedaru

>> Paul Rowland is heading into his first major show season as head of Ford's women's division. Though he recently said that as he aims to reinvigorate the 64-year-old agency, adding that his vision "is very different from [Ford co-founder] Eileen Ford’s," the first show package showcasing his stable of models — which gives a first visual idea of his brand presentation — does pay tribute to the Ford Model of yore. Teased wigs, retro twinsets, and pearls adorn the likes of Tao Okamoto, Karmen Pedaru, and Alana Zimmer. As points out, "Irony is the original Ford girls (sans the Rowland twist)  looked something like this, all white gloved and be-hatted."