Photographer Shawn Mortensen, 1966-2009

Shawn Mortensen

>> Los Angeles-based, self-taught photographer Shawn Mortensen passed away last night, and there's been an outpouring from the industry — Paper's Kim Hastreiter was "shocked" and saddened, and Dazed & Confused was "devastated" to hear the news.  43-year-old Mortensen was originally discovered by i-D founder and editor-in-chief Terry Jones, who "recognized his ability to interpret the streets," and his portraits and editorial work have been scattered among i-D, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview, and British Vogue.  He's also covered the fashion stages of London, Paris, and New York. At the time of his death, he was working on a series of artwork to debut in June, as well as a collaborative photo-based T-shirt line.

Below, a gallery of his work.
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